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        Product introduction
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        Pathological drawn a
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        1: the quality of stainless steel corrosion resistance, resistance to wear, easy to clean, beautiful shape.

        2: twin discharge fan, low noise, easy maintenance.

        3: the brand stainless steel birdbath and universal water valve and easy to use.

        4: brand water namely water heater, water temperature can be adjusted, durable, high safety. (optional)

        5: independent mesa cleaning device and the drainage system, ensure easy clean without water table

        6: the light bright, ultraviolet disinfection.

        7: high spirit of sensitivity leakage protection devices, using more safe.

        8: the warm wind mobile phone (optional)

        9: imported muller (optional)

        10: camera system (optional)

        Technology parameters

        1: power supply 220 V ± 10 ﹪ frequency 50 Hz

        2: power: more than 1800 W

        3: envelop dimensions (can be custom) : 1600 MM (long ?


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